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FIT Europe in Numbers

35,000 language professionals

52 professional associations

29 European countries



2017 - 2020

Annette Schiller, Ireland, Chair

Reiner Heard, Germany, Secretary General

Dimitra Stafiliá, Greece, Treasurer

Wanda Ruiz-Brunelot, France, Vice-chair

Henrik Walter-Johnsen, Norway, Vice-Chair

Gabriella Vanzan, Italy, Member

John O'Shea, Greece, Member


2014 - 2017

Natacha Dalügge-Momme, Germany - President
Representation of FIT Europe; TransCert / Standards; EU Liaison/EU affairs; FIT Europe Soutien

Dagmar Sanjath, Austria, Secretary General
General tasks of a Secretary General

Dimitra Stafiliá, Greece, Treasurer
General tasks of the Treasurer; translator/interpreter issues in Cyprus and Greece; FIT Europe Soutien

Michal Staša, Czech Republic, Vice-President
Platform for conference interpreters

Annette Schiller, Ireland, Vice-President
Contact with FIT Europe associations; PR; Yahoogroups list; FIT Europe Soutien

Eyvor Fogarty, United Kingdom
Professional development

Max de Brouwer, Belgium
EU liaison; conference interpreters

Past Steering Committees

2011 - 2014

Eyvor Fogarty, United Kingdom - Chair
Natacha Dalügge-Momme, Germany - Vice-president, Certification
Renate Dockhorn, Germany - Vice-president, European Affaires and Technology
Cristiana Coblis, Romania - General Secretary, Webmaster
Sabine Colombe, France - Treasurer
Doris Grollmann, Belgium - EU Liaison

2008 - 2011

Reiner Heard, Germany - Chairman
Patricia Alarcon, Belgium - Vice-chairman
Cristiana Coblis, Romania - Secretary and Webmaster
Liisa Laakso-Tammisto, Finland - Treasurer
Eyvor Fogarty, United Kingdom
Kevin Quirk, Norway
Javier Sancho Durán, Spain

2005 - 2008

João Esteves-Ferreira, Chairman
Birgitte Jensen, Denmark
Terence Oliver, Germany
Reiner Heard, Germany
Javier Sancho Durán, Spain
Sandro Corradini, Italy
Andrew Evans, United Kingdom

2002 - 2005

Anne Verbeke, Sweden - Chairwoman
João Esteves-Ferreira, Switzerland
Reiner Heard, Germany
Sheryl Hinkkanen, Finland
Birgitte Jensen, Denmark
Terence Oliver, Germany

1999 - 2002

Jeannette Ørsted, Denmark - Chairwoman
Peter Bush, United Kingdom
Liese Katschinka, Austria
Eliane Mau, France
Gabriella Mauriello, Italy
Kathy Vanovitch, Germany
Anne Verbeke, Sweden

1996 - 1999

Jeannette Ørsted, Denmark - Chairwoman
Peter Bush, United Kingdom
Amalaine Diabova, Czech Republic
Gary Jaekel, Sweden
Liese Katschinka, Austria
Hanna Lee-Jahnke, Switzerland
Gabriella Mauriello, Italy

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About the International Federation of Translators

The International Federation of Translators FIT (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs) is the largest international grouping of associations of translators, interpreters and terminologists in the world. Over 120 professional associations and educational institutions from 60 countries are FIT members. As an umbrella organization it therefore represents the interests of more than 80,000 translators, interpreters and terminologists around the world.

FIT was founded in Paris in 1953, and maintains regional centres in Europe, Latin America and North America.

Further information can be found at the FIT website.